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As the founder and CEO of Axiom-Frontline Financial Services, my main focus is to train and coach my sales force. This proved to be very rewarding and fruitful as after a year I became the number 1 Sales Leader in Canada for the company that I represent. I work closely with my agents and clients, providing guidance and expertise insofar as accident & sickness benefits and how to adequately protect their savings and assets. Our clientele comprises of individuals and families who deeply rely on our team for professional advice, namely, the most beneficial recommendations geared towards protecting their retirement and investments as well as advancing their goals, financial and otherwise.My tagline says it all: “Serving People on the Frontline”. We always ensure that our elite agents personally meet with clients so as to provide them with the best options to successfully manage their future. In retrospect, I realize that the experiences garnered and the challenges faced throughout the course of my life have shaped me for my purpose and contributed to helping me to become the woman I am today.

Theresa Szeto

I am Theresa Szeto, a Chinese born in Vietnam and raised in Canada, and the second of ten children. My life growing up has been somewhat challenging which required me to mature quickly, as the grave responsibility to take care of my 8 younger siblings was thrust upon me. In childhood, I never had the luxury of the things most girls my age had, neither was I afforded the opportunity to do what they did. My teenage years saw me spending most of my time studying and preparing myself for the world of work. I am a graduate of Mount Royal University, having attained a Degree in Accounting. At age 28, I became married; though short-lived, the union produced three beautiful children: two girls and a boy.
I supported my husband in two business ventures and, when the second one failed, he decided to call it quits. I have a consummate desire to fulfill my purpose, and this drives me to be the best at what I do. It was then that I decided to set about in pursuit of my own goals. I operated quite a successful mortgage brokerage firm in Alberta. Sadly, upon the collapse of the financial sector in 2008, my business began to crumble. I stayed the tide for as long as I could, then the bitter reality hit me that I had to walk away. I also had to deal with the loss of both my parents in 2010.Despite all the turmoil that was going on in my life, I was still motivated to continue my passion. I truly believe that the only thing that kept me going was my passion for business and helping people. You’ve got to find what you love and do it. The joy I get from helping someone achieve their goals is priceless. So I decided to relocate to Vancouver. It has always been a dream to live there, so I capitalized on this wonderful opportunity to start a new chapter in a new city. At first, I did some business which made me some money, but though it wasn’t much, my topmost concern was to use this time to work on myself. After some introspection, it dawned upon me that investment in my personal development was critical in creating the best version of me. Over time, I was able to discover my purpose and self-actualize.





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