What is Living Benefits?

Living Benefits are insurance solutions focused on providing protection should something unfortunate happen while you are still living. Living Benefits products can help cover expenses and everyday bills should you become disabled or be diagnosed with a critical illness.

Why You Need Our Living Benefits?

“Buying insurance cannot change your life but it can prevent your lifestyle from being changed. ~ Jack Ma.




Simpler, Smarter, More Rewarding

Living Benefits Insurance


Products are excellent and the core company attracts me. Never before had I experienced such a smooth insurance process. Usually dealing with an insurance company is frustrating and time-consuming.

Kristen Collins Window Cleaner

The Living Benefits specialist identify my financial blind spot where often overlook by many other people.

Bob Reinhardt Business Owner

Covid 19 attacked me and I have to stay in ICU for 2 weeks. After the hospital, I couldn't go back to work for 3 months. Lucky I have the plan before the Pandemic, I can concentrate to recover instead of having financial stress and go back to work immediately.

Amanda Long Homecare

Theresa’s services are very professional, reliable, legit and always on time. Products she is providing are clearly explained allowing customers to better understand what they will be getting. Very friendly and caring environment. Overall experience: extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend.

Andrew Magnum Hardwood Floors

I’ve known Theresa since November, 2017 who she is for people is someone who is compassionate and very straightforward, no drama.As my Insurance Advisor, she offers a product and a plan that best suits my needs. I found it personalized plan and services because she really cares!!!

Choly Farhad Homeowner

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